Xenobiosis is a long-form story based webcomic. It updates every Friday.

It is drawn with a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet entirely in Manga Studio 5. The script is written in a cheap $1 notebook with a pen.


Xenobiosis is set on a planet called Arlovia, a planet that is slightly larger than Earth but is very similar in that it has a tilted axis and four distinct seasons. It follows one young girl, Lilith Angelica Vautrin, as she joins in a global struggle to bring justice and recognition to her species, the Celestial Hybrids of Ladrasea, that are half Demon and half Angel. When two human boys, Canan Arion and Asher Rath, sneak into Lilith's hometown trying to evade an angry Demoness, their lives change forever. Not only does a supernatrual force connect Canan, Asher and Lilith as 'soulmates', they will die if they stray too far apart. Canan and Asher then uproot their lives and settle in among Lilith's people and the three begin a long journey in learning about themselves, their people, and what it means to 'belong'.



Rinkelle (or alternatively, Rinkel) is a 22 year old digital artist living in North America. Xenobiosis has been in the concept stage since it's first failed choose-your-own-adventure style incarnation around 2006-2007. Now, with more than enough world-building complete and the art skills to effectively translate the world-building onto hypothetical paper, she is finally ready to share Xenobiosis with the world. Her favorite colors are green, blue and purple, in that order, and she is a tea addict. Her favorite games are Legend of Zelda games and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She lives with her bestest friend in the whole world, Wall-E, and spends most of her time drawing, writing, or reading.

She may or may not be a mermaid.