Your donations can help keep this comic alive!!

I recently quit my job and moved, so I don't have a source of income for the time being. Whatever money I get from commissions and kind friends goes towards everyday expenses like my car payments and shampoo and the like while I search for a job.

Your donations can help keep the comic alive and well! Donations will be used to fund advertising campaigns, make merchandise (T-shirts, anyone? Coffee mugs?), print the comic (one day you'll be able to collect the whole set!), and maybe one day even attend comic and anime conventions (+5 experience points~)! Ain't that neat?

I am offering a desktop wallpaper (1920x1280) as a reward if you feel so inclined to slap Xenobiosis illustrations all over your desktop, so in your donations leave a note saying if you'd like the wallpaper and I'll e-mail it to you as soon as possible~! Donation rewards will be swapped out now and again for new ones (I'll make a note of it in an author's comment when I change them) and they may be more desktop wallpapers or maybe something different, so check out that little link under the header for a small preview of the whole thing.

There is no set amount, so if you're worried about what to donate, don't.

Feel free to give this comic what you think it's worth.